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Don't Buy Into These "Trends" About κερατσινι

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Posted on: 02/11/19

Keratsini is a large residential area of Piraeus and also component of the Athens city complex. The range from the facility of Athens has to do with 11 km. The location was formerly a farmhouse, but it was highly urbanized, mainly after the 1950s. The central square of Evgenia is adorned by the sculpture of the Asia Minor, which was erected in memory of the refugees from the Asia Minor Disaster cleared up in the location. Pavlos Fissa Method is the business district of the city with numerous stores.


The Ancient Times

Key Entrance: I am

The first negotiation of the Town was built on the hillside of Agios Georgios Hill at a factor desirable to the opportunity of raids and presence mixed-up. The structures beside the church of St. George and also the different discovers give evidence that the first negotiation in the location was developed around 3000 BC. The name of the location was Thymedata and was bordering with the piratical settlement of Heracles, both of which belonged to Ancient Athens. The negotiation was located on the current Avenue of Democracy, which attaches Piraeus, Keratsini and also Perama and also the facility of Athens. It is hypothesized that Theseus constructed his ships there, based on Plutarch's recommendation to the Parallel Life. The site was deserted temporarily when Xerxes resolved there.

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